Company Culture

Company Culture

Our Purpose

By providing innovative, reliable and unique hardware products and customized hardware solutions, it has become a benchmark enterprise for smart buildings and home hardware products. We will be committed to continuous innovation, providing products and services that exceed customer expectations, and providing customers with a beautiful, durable and safe living environment.

High end and unique products

High quality and satisfactory service

Protection of life and property

Quality and enjoyable life

Our core competitiveness

Over the years, Seleco has been in close contact with customers all over the world, and has carefully analyzed their needs. With our professional knowledge and a wide range of products, Seleco has helped our customers to obtain competitive advantages with its outstanding quality and humanized design products.

Anticipate market development in advance, and conduct research and forward-looking judgment on the trend of hardware product fees.
We will wholeheartedly provide customers with full price hardware solutions, and make the company one of the important integrators in the hardware industry.
Seleco provides professional and all-round engineering hardware technical guidance to architects, designers, real estate developers, contractors and investors.
We are committed to innovative product development and provide customers with innovative products with the latest 3D printing and 3D scanning technology as the leading technology.
Set up OEM factories around the world and make rational use of the information platform to make Hives the industry's special English.
Fully understand customers' individual needs and provide customized high-end hardware.
Create an APP maintenance platform to provide favorable guarantee for hardware after-sales maintenance.

Our Mission

With continuous innovation, we will provide customers with value services that exceed expectations, and build a world-class enterprise and a world-class hardware brand

Our core values

ntegrity and commitment, practical and efficient, responsible and dedicated, win-win and sharing

Our Vision

Where there are buildings, there is Seleco