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        SELECO has been a leading brand in China's engineering hardware industry and one of the top ten brands in China's civil hardware industry since its sales since 1990. SELECO has an enterprise style of producing well designed, high-quality and multi category products, which has been widely recognized by Chinese professionals who have strict requirements on quality. SELECO has a high understanding of the needs of the industry, a forward-looking industrial language, and focuses on building hardware products with high standards and ultra durable quality. At present, SELECO is mainly committed to the manufacturing of four categories of products, namely, building hardware, bathroom hardware, furniture hardware and electronic smart locks. It is dedicated to bringing the metal charm of home hardware products to the extreme, and providing customers in China and even around the world with excellent experience and comfortable opening and closing.

Seiko Design

        SELECO has a product design and development center with more than 80 people nationwide, which carries out product design based on a deep understanding of world metal art and an accurate grasp of the trend of the times. The details of each product are in pursuit of artistic aesthetics and fine sense, and both style and performance rank first in the industry. In addition, the inconspicuous surface treatment is also the top priority of SELECO's design. SELECO leads the industry in developing products that are amazing because of its excellent surface treatment.

Excellent Quality

        The research and development direction of SELECO is based on the pursuit of stable and excellent product performance in the actual use process; All products of SELECO have been repeatedly studying the design scheme. According to the professional and innovative design, the best raw materials and accessories are selected, and the most sophisticated equipment is used; While persisting in achieving the quality requirements we aspire to, we also pursue higher quality. SELECO strives for perfection in all processes, and conducts production and manufacturing in accordance with ISO9001-2000 international quality management system and the highest executive standard in the industry. SELECO's products have won many honors at home and abroad, and are well recognized by customers.

In order to quickly meet customer needs, we have professional hardware production bases in Nanhai, Shunde and Zhaoqing

        With the continuous expansion of SELECO's business, the company now has three professional hardware production bases (Nanhai Factory, Shunde Factory and Zhaoqing Factory) with advanced equipment and stable production; Based on more than 30 years of practical experience, SELECO production base has introduced its own production management system, improved core technologies such as grinding, electroplating and surface treatment, and strictly required manufacturing processes to achieve the unprecedented high quality we are pursuing. To provide customers with qualified products that meet strict wear resistance, corrosion resistance and sealing standards. From the color management of surface treatment to the development of new color system, we are constantly researching day and night to provide customers with high-quality products.